My Lungs Are Fresh and Yours to Keep by [ profile] black_betty_26  | Inception (arthur/eames) | 17,000 words
Summary: The band Inception is the biggest act on Saito's Label. When the lead singer quits, and the band is floundering, it's up to Dom to find a replacement.

+2 more band AUs )
Starbucks Can Suck It by [ profile] miss_music666  | Avengers (clint/phil) | 17,345 words
Summary: Clint is just living his life. He owns his coffee shop, he hangs out with Steve, Natasha, and Bucky and ignores that little bit of his heart that tells him he's lonely. But when a foodie comes into his shop and makes it his life goal to pick out his favorite drink on Clint's ridiculously long list of ridiculously titled beverages, Clint falls a little in love.

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